GPS Data Logger

GTrek monitors your movement and allows you to create a highly detailed graphical record of where you have been, how far and how fast.

Perfect for skiers, bikers, golfers, track-day enthusiasts and almost any other outdoor activities, the product uses GPS satellite technology and records your exact position at regular intervals, to build up a picture of your movement.

The data collected includes distance, altitude, g-forces, and location. Better still, the product comes with software to allow you to see where you've been using Google Earth's topographical mapping, Google Map™ or Memory Map™.

  •   GPS Tracker

    The coolest piece of hardware this year


  • 20 minutes quick charge is 4 days run time
  • 125,000 points logged on your journey
  • Adjustable precision for your activity
  • Tiny, in your pocket weighs only 60gms
  • 66 channel tracking for accuracy up to 300mm
  • review data on Google Earth, Google Maps
  • Geotag photos taken on route to illustrate
  • Dual mode for data recording and Navigate
  • Enhance another device with the bluetooth mode
  • Set up utility, data analyser tool, and Virtual Tours
  • FREE software updates for life
  • No license, subscription or ongoing fees